Hat Deliveries!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to two local non-profits to deliver 90 hats, 7 blankets, and 10 little booties. I first visited Teen Missions International, a new partner of Caring Caps. Teen Missions is a well established non-profit that conducts missions in over 31 countries (most of them in Africa), with a specific concentration on AIDS orphans. They send mission teams all over the world, and I am blessed to establish a great partnership. Caring Caps will be sending them about 250 items every year from this point on. I had the opportunity to tour their facility and learn about all of their missions by none other than their founder, Robert Bland.  Below I have posted several photos of TMI in action (click here to learn more about TMI).


I also was able to deliver hats to Joe Hurston, founder of Air Mobile Ministries. Joe and I have been working together for about 6 years now. He is a great blessing and does great work! Air Mobile Missions delivers water purification systems to developing nations. To learn more about Air Mobile, click here. I was able to deliver Joe some hats as well as catch up. A few years ago, Joe was featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and received a beautiful house. In the past, I had only visited Joe's hangar, where his plane is kept, but yesterday I was blessed to visit his home for this first time. I included a few photos, but they really don't do it justice--his house is just gorgeous!

Today I am back to knitting! Caring Caps is in the middle of working on several grants to expand our funding, specifically the missions on our branches, so I must get back to grant writing.

Thank you all for your support of all our of ministries! We are so blessed to partner with organizations like Teen Missions International and Air Mobile Ministries!