Hey everyone! Happy Friday! This week has been a great week at Caring Caps. This week we were able to donate 12 hats to a women's shelter in Viera, FL. We love helping local shelters near our headquarters, and this particular women's shelter has several mothers with newborns at the moment.


Additionally, we sent a shipment to Midwives for Haiti several weeks ago to their headquarters in Virginia and I am happy to announce the hats are going to Haiti this week. We will be receiving photos from this shipment, and I will be sharing those images as soon as possible! This was our first shipment with Midwives for Haiti and I am so excited to see where this partnership goes. 

I am still chugging through YouTube videos. I promise y'all, I am trying to get more tutorials up! It just takes a lot to knit, film, edit, and upload so I seriously appreciate your patience. I have many videos I am working one right now, one of which includes these hats! This is a different type of brim you can make, called a rib stitch brim. This tutorial will be coming soon!

We are now selling a t-shirt online. They are available for $10 (plus $3 for shipping) and are a beautiful blue! I encourage you to buy one and spread the message of Caring Caps.