New YouTube Video

Okay, so before I really get into this post, I want to apologize for taking such a hiatus on the Caring Caps YouTube channel. Frankly, after making 53 tutorials, I didn't know what else I could teach. And for the moment, I won't be posting a lot of patterns. I am currently working on a blanket, but the patterns will be less frequent. That being said, I have decided to focus the attention of the YouTube channel primarily to stitches and looming techniques. There are many videos I have planned for this area: tiny heart stitch tutorial, e-wrapping, half stitches, making a corner with a project, and so on. My plan is to publish videos on Thursdays, starting with every other. 

So here is the first tutorial. This one is on the chain cast on. In the past, I have used the traditional e-wrap cast-on method. However, recently I am using the chain cast-on. I like how this one looks more than I like the e-wrap method. I think it just gives any project (hat, blanket, etc) a cleaner look. The only tool that this requires is a crochet hook. Below is a link to the tutorial.

Thank you all for your continued support of Caring Caps. I truly appreciate all the blessings God has given this charity and the ways in which we have grown.