Mercy in Action

Wow, things have been busy here at Caring Caps! At our largest Caring Caps branch at Bayside High School in Palm Bay, FL; the 2015-2016 Officer team was announced. We are so excited that Ahsi Lo will become President, and Monica Gold will be an amazing Vice President. Other officers include Karlyn Sequiera, Jen Ricano, and Rachel Peebles. We are so blessed to have a talent-packed officer team for the upcoming school year and wish the Palm Bay branch the best of luck.

Caring Caps also recently shipped items to one of our midwiferies in the Philippines. Mercy in Action is a midwifery and birthing home where women on the island can go to receive amazing health care and support during and after their pregnancy. Mercy in Action was so generous to send us some pictures of the hats being used. Check out these cuties below!

All in all, Caring Caps continues to do the Lord's work one day at a time. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.