Florida Today Article

This weekend, Caring Caps was featured in a local newspaper here in Florida, Florida Today. I, along with Ahsi Lo, was interviewed about a week ago by a reporter from the paper regarding Caring Caps. I think the reporter did an excellent job capturing Caring Caps and what we stand for. A picture of the article is below. It is always great to get the word out about what we do. So far, thanks to this article, I have already gained about 10 volunteers in this area wanting to help out Caring Caps! So blessed to share our mission with more and more people every single day.

I am also excited to announce the creation of another Caring Caps branch. The branch is located in Clinton, IL. This branch will be run by Cassandra M. and mainly will comprise of pre-teen and teen girls and boys. The group also hopes to work with the local "Angel Gowns." Overall, we are so excited about the creation of the new branch!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers! Together, we can change the world.