Speaking at Brevard Academy for Individual Excellence

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at the Brevard Academy for Individual Excellence about Caring Caps. It is a private school that teaches Christian values, and is a very nice school. I'll put a link to more info about the school here. I was able to educate about 100 students on what Caring Caps is and what we do. 

The presentation went great and I had a great time talking to all of the kids. I made a short video that I presented. It was a compilation of some footage from Mercy in Action in the Philippines, as well as some shots of me knitting. I had the song "Oceans" by Hillsong United playing the background. A lot of you may know that song, it's a pretty popular one. During the video, some of the kids began to sing the song while it played. It was such a cool moment--all of these sweet children, watching what Caring Caps is doing, praising Jesus.

I love getting to speak at events like this one as much as I can. The more I can educate people on what we are doing in the world, the better.

Thanks again for all of your support of Caring Caps.