Behind the Scenes: YouTube

This week I was able to film several upcoming YouTube videos. I filmed a video on a pattern for a baby headband, a tutorial to for a flat bind off on a round loom, as well as an updated tutorial on how to knit a simple hat. 

Because of all this filming, I am now in the process of editing these videos. It will be a couple weeks before these videos become public. A lot of people don't know this, but these YouTube tutorials are actually fairly intensive. For any video that I do of a pattern, I must:

1) Knit the actual item two or three times so that I am comfortable with the pattern. A lot of times I am the one designing the pattern, which means I usually knit it 3 or more times because I make tweaks to the pattern each time I knit it.

2) Film the tutorial. I use three lights, a camera on a tripod, and a background to do this. It usually takes at least an hour for me to film, depending on how complicated the pattern is. Videos like my tiny heart stitch tutorial only took one hour, whereas the teddy bear tutorial took 4 hours to film.

 Filming one of our tutorials.

Filming one of our tutorials.

3) Edit the video. I import all the footage to my computer, sift through the clips and decide what to use, and then play with effects/titles/speeds on clips. This step is by far the most time-consuming, usually it takes 3+ hours to edit.

 Screenshot of editing an upcoming video on making a baby headband.

Screenshot of editing an upcoming video on making a baby headband.

4) Record voiceovers. Using a screened mic, I record my audio for the video. I always run through the video once without actually of me just talking so I can plan what I want to say. I almost always  do multiple takes, dependent on how my speech is sounding.

5) Do a final edit. I import and edit the audio into the video. Sometimes I cough or sneeze when doing a VO, so I edit that out. I add music and finish any last minute revisions to the video.

6) Export the video to YouTube. Although once I start the video uploading, I don't have to do anything, this step takes the longest. Some videos take 10 hours to upload, so most of the time I upload videos while I sleep.

So that's how it works! Look for the next YouTube video on July 9th.

God Bless!