Midwives for Haiti

So in the last blog, I mentioned that Caring Caps had recently donated 296 items to Midwives for Haiti, a new organization we had not worked with yet. I wanted to talk a little bit more about the organization and share what they do!

Midwives for Haiti began in Haiti in 2006. They have several different programs they run--they train locals to become skilled birth attendants, allowing them to make a living for themselves. Midwives for Haiti also has a mobile prenatal clinic that is able to travel to areas to give prenatal and postnatal care to mothers in rural villages. Midwives for Haiti also has a maternity ward at St. Terese Hospital in Hinche, Haiti where they are able to deliver of 2,000 births a year. These are just some of the exciting projects Midwives for Haiti is involved with, and we are so glad to be partnering with them! 

We can't wait to see how these precious items will touch lives through this ministry. 

The first image is a group of blankets that we donated to Midwives for Haiti. The second image is what the box looked like after everything was in it. The third image is one of the beautiful blankets we sent. Please say a prayer over these items as they go on to touch lives in Haiti. Praise be to GOD!