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Things have been amping up these last two weeks for me. I am trying to film 3 videos before I leave for college on the 21st, as well as send out a large package for Cumpio Birth Clinic, and ship some supplies and welcome packets to volunteers. I'm hoping I get everything I need to done! Sometimes it's just hard to find enough hours in the day, ya know?

Some of you may know this, but Caring Caps is not my main job. Caring Caps doesn't have enough money to support a part-time (let alone full-time) employee, and honestly even if we did have that kind of money, I wouldn't use it towards that. Right now I work two jobs on top of Caring Caps, and I am just about to move to college and juggle being a full-time student with managing Caring Caps. I tell you this because I manage Caring Caps because I love it. It makes me happy even on the hardest days. I love interacting with all of my precious volunteers, as well as getting little details about who the items go to. I don't do this for the money--I do it because it's my passion. I guess I'm making you aware of all this as a disclaimer. If I don't get back to your e-mail quick, or don't get a package ready for you fast enough, it's not because I don't care--it's probably because I am at one of my other jobs or am trying (and probably failing!) to get some sleep.

 An ad on one of our videos

An ad on one of our videos

From our beginnings to pretty much recently, all of the money that is Caring Caps was earned. You see, YouTube has this program called the Partner Program. YouTubers (people like me) can upload videos onto YouTube, and if they earn enough money, YouTube will pay them a percentage of the ad revenue. You know how sometimes you have to watch an ad before you can see a video? That's because that YouTuber is a YouTube Partner. You don't get a lot of money, but it does add up. So every time I upload a video, it earns money that goes directly to Caring Caps. The more videos I upload, the more money Caring Caps earns. So I have worked, filmed, knitted, and edited to get to 57 videos on our channel. And Caring Caps (since we started) has been able to make ends meet off of the videos we produce. A lot of charities are able to be active because of the donations that we receive. We're a little different. I tell you all of this because each time you watch one of those little annoying ads, just remember--you're watching that for charity. I just watched one of my own videos (and had to sit through an ad)--I watched that ad for charity!