Hat Deliveries

College Life

Hi y'all! Hope you are having a great Tuesday so far. Sometimes in life we go through periods of transition--like in the summer, in between a busy spring and a hectic fall. Or when we go through life transitions like moving. I am in one of those times of transitions in my life. 

This past weekend I moved to college--Florida Southern College to be specific. I am starting a 4-year BSN Nursing program there, and am so excited! Managing Caring Caps with a full time college schedule while also living out of a dorm will be challenging. I ask for your patience as I begin to adjust to a new normal.

I am currently working on several videos--I'm sorry for the delay here, I just ordered a mic and it's taking longer than expected to come in. I should have a tutorial up within the next week, and as always, I will write a blog post about it.

I was able to mail 15 knitted to toys to our friends at Zerubbabel Ministries International. I have been working with Vaughn Gorton who runs this terrific ministry for several years now. Zerubbabel is an Apostolic organization that is based in the Dominican Republic. Basically, they bring the gospel of Jesus to those in darkness. 

I am so blessed to work with organizations like Zerubbabel Ministries on a daily basis. Usually I do receive images back from our shipments of the items in use, so I will share those if I receive them.

Other than that, things are chugging along here! I am working to gain more connections with other organizations and "spread our caps" throughout the world.

Midwives for Haiti

So in the last blog, I mentioned that Caring Caps had recently donated 296 items to Midwives for Haiti, a new organization we had not worked with yet. I wanted to talk a little bit more about the organization and share what they do!

Midwives for Haiti began in Haiti in 2006. They have several different programs they run--they train locals to become skilled birth attendants, allowing them to make a living for themselves. Midwives for Haiti also has a mobile prenatal clinic that is able to travel to areas to give prenatal and postnatal care to mothers in rural villages. Midwives for Haiti also has a maternity ward at St. Terese Hospital in Hinche, Haiti where they are able to deliver of 2,000 births a year. These are just some of the exciting projects Midwives for Haiti is involved with, and we are so glad to be partnering with them! 

We can't wait to see how these precious items will touch lives through this ministry. 

The first image is a group of blankets that we donated to Midwives for Haiti. The second image is what the box looked like after everything was in it. The third image is one of the beautiful blankets we sent. Please say a prayer over these items as they go on to touch lives in Haiti. Praise be to GOD!



Catching Up

Every springtime, things just seem to get faster and crazier. Time seems to fly by and before you know it, I find myself behind on things trying to catch up. The weird thing about spring, though, is that it's such a relaxing and beautiful season. Flowers are blooming all around us, we just have to take a second to notice their presence. Spring is busy for Caring Caps because the majority of our items are delivered in third world countries through mission trips over the summer. Because of this, I have to have all of our items shipped to these groups in the spring so that they have enough time to pack them for the country in which they are traveling too.

Two weeks ago, I sent a package of 80 items to a group from the University of Central Florida. They are traveling to South Africa and will be taking our little blessings with them. This week I am finalizing items to go to a group in Haiti called Midwives for Haiti. They assist women who are expecting with healthcare, and help deliver and care for the baby in the child's first weeks. I am also finishing up a YouTube tutorial as well as the Caring Caps newsletter. 

 Source: Midwives for Haiti

Source: Midwives for Haiti

I tell you all this because I ask for you patience. Just bear with me here as I finish up these shipments, as well as get new volunteers adjusted through the orientation process. Life is flying by, I just need to take a minute to remember the true purpose of why we do what we do here at Caring Caps.

God Bless.

 Source: Midwives for Haiti

Source: Midwives for Haiti

Mercy in Action

Wow, things have been busy here at Caring Caps! At our largest Caring Caps branch at Bayside High School in Palm Bay, FL; the 2015-2016 Officer team was announced. We are so excited that Ahsi Lo will become President, and Monica Gold will be an amazing Vice President. Other officers include Karlyn Sequiera, Jen Ricano, and Rachel Peebles. We are so blessed to have a talent-packed officer team for the upcoming school year and wish the Palm Bay branch the best of luck.

Caring Caps also recently shipped items to one of our midwiferies in the Philippines. Mercy in Action is a midwifery and birthing home where women on the island can go to receive amazing health care and support during and after their pregnancy. Mercy in Action was so generous to send us some pictures of the hats being used. Check out these cuties below!

All in all, Caring Caps continues to do the Lord's work one day at a time. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.

YouTube news!

Lately, Caring Caps has been receiving tons of volunteer applications. Thank you all so much for these! We will be getting back to you shortly. Please also don't forget to pray for us! We have a hat shipment being delivered right now in Haiti, and want to make sure these precious items make it to their families. 

Additionally, last week our YouTube channel reached over 1,000,000 views. Thank you! Without your support, this feat would not be possible. We appreciate all of the support we have received for this little channel. There will be new videos coming this spring! I am currently working on a video right now for creating patters on a long loom. Stay tuned!

Caring Caps recently received shipments from several of our dedicated volunteers. We want to thank our entire team for continuing our mission. Among the donated items were these handmade shoes one of our volunteers knitted. Below are a few photos of these precious booties!

So what's next for us? We are busy establishing several more branches and getting about 20 new volunteers up and knitting! Remember to keep on knitting! Every hat impacts a child in a developing nation, and these items become lifelong keepsakes.



Hat Deliveries!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to two local non-profits to deliver 90 hats, 7 blankets, and 10 little booties. I first visited Teen Missions International, a new partner of Caring Caps. Teen Missions is a well established non-profit that conducts missions in over 31 countries (most of them in Africa), with a specific concentration on AIDS orphans. They send mission teams all over the world, and I am blessed to establish a great partnership. Caring Caps will be sending them about 250 items every year from this point on. I had the opportunity to tour their facility and learn about all of their missions by none other than their founder, Robert Bland.  Below I have posted several photos of TMI in action (click here to learn more about TMI).


I also was able to deliver hats to Joe Hurston, founder of Air Mobile Ministries. Joe and I have been working together for about 6 years now. He is a great blessing and does great work! Air Mobile Missions delivers water purification systems to developing nations. To learn more about Air Mobile, click here. I was able to deliver Joe some hats as well as catch up. A few years ago, Joe was featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and received a beautiful house. In the past, I had only visited Joe's hangar, where his plane is kept, but yesterday I was blessed to visit his home for this first time. I included a few photos, but they really don't do it justice--his house is just gorgeous!

Today I am back to knitting! Caring Caps is in the middle of working on several grants to expand our funding, specifically the missions on our branches, so I must get back to grant writing.

Thank you all for your support of all our of ministries! We are so blessed to partner with organizations like Teen Missions International and Air Mobile Ministries!