Monthly Update

July Update: What's going on in the world of Caring Caps?

Something new I am going to start trying: monthly overall updates of Caring Caps. I try to blog at least once a week (I need to improve on that, I know 😳), but for the foreseeable future I will try to dedicate one blog a month updating you on all things Caring Caps--how many items we have knitted, how many volunteers we have, etc. So here's the inaugural update!

July has been a pretty busy month for Caring Caps. Our biggest accomplishment for this month was sending a package of 296 items to Midwives for Haiti (I'm going to dedicate an entire blog giving more details about that, I will link it here when I publish it). This is the first time we have worked with this group and I am so excited to see what the future may hold! I was also able to upload a new video to YouTube teaching you how to knit a Tiny Heart Stitch Hat (link here). We were also able to raise about $250 for Caring Caps to go towards the purchase of more looms for some of our growing branches. Check out what else we were able to accomplish in the month of July in the graphic below:

So that's what's going on here at Caring Caps! August will be an even busier month--stay tuned for several exciting updates! 😉