New YouTube Video: Tiny Heart Stitch Hat

I apologize for the delay in getting this blog out, we have just been so busy here at Caring Caps! I will writing a couple blogs this upcoming week to update everyone on all of the exciting activities going on at Caring Caps.

Anyways, a few weeks ago I was able to upload another YouTube video! Y'all know I have been trying to get better at YouTube, and I am slowly getting there 😊 If you have any video suggestions, I would love to hear them! I have a couple more videos planned, but after that I am open to ideas!

The predecessor to this video was a tutorial on using a pretty cool stitch called the Tiny Heart Stitch. In the video I basically show you how to do the stitch and a couple ways you can incorporate it in your next knitting project. I'll link that video here. This new video utilizes that stitch in a hat. Using two different colors of yarn and the tiny heart stitch, you can take your next baby hat to the next level! I had a lot of fun making this video and hope y'all will enjoy.


Behind the Scenes: YouTube

This week I was able to film several upcoming YouTube videos. I filmed a video on a pattern for a baby headband, a tutorial to for a flat bind off on a round loom, as well as an updated tutorial on how to knit a simple hat. 

Because of all this filming, I am now in the process of editing these videos. It will be a couple weeks before these videos become public. A lot of people don't know this, but these YouTube tutorials are actually fairly intensive. For any video that I do of a pattern, I must:

1) Knit the actual item two or three times so that I am comfortable with the pattern. A lot of times I am the one designing the pattern, which means I usually knit it 3 or more times because I make tweaks to the pattern each time I knit it.

2) Film the tutorial. I use three lights, a camera on a tripod, and a background to do this. It usually takes at least an hour for me to film, depending on how complicated the pattern is. Videos like my tiny heart stitch tutorial only took one hour, whereas the teddy bear tutorial took 4 hours to film.

 Filming one of our tutorials.

Filming one of our tutorials.

3) Edit the video. I import all the footage to my computer, sift through the clips and decide what to use, and then play with effects/titles/speeds on clips. This step is by far the most time-consuming, usually it takes 3+ hours to edit.

 Screenshot of editing an upcoming video on making a baby headband.

Screenshot of editing an upcoming video on making a baby headband.

4) Record voiceovers. Using a screened mic, I record my audio for the video. I always run through the video once without actually of me just talking so I can plan what I want to say. I almost always  do multiple takes, dependent on how my speech is sounding.

5) Do a final edit. I import and edit the audio into the video. Sometimes I cough or sneeze when doing a VO, so I edit that out. I add music and finish any last minute revisions to the video.

6) Export the video to YouTube. Although once I start the video uploading, I don't have to do anything, this step takes the longest. Some videos take 10 hours to upload, so most of the time I upload videos while I sleep.

So that's how it works! Look for the next YouTube video on July 9th.

God Bless!



I apologize for the lack of blog posts the past few weeks, things have been crazy! We have had about 22 new volunteers join Caring Caps in the last two weeks. That is just awesome! Thank you to all of our new volunteers. I have also been getting some new packages ready for those of you that are in need of supplies. If you are expecting a package, I mailed them today!

Caring Caps is now officially on Instagram. We are now officially on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube! Please follow us at @caringcaps. I will be posting weekly photos of what is going with Caring Caps, so stay tuned. I will also be sharing the photos on this blog from Instagram and giving a more inside look at each picture.

This first picture was taken on March 27th, 2014. This was at Grace Children's Hospital, just outside of Port-Au-Prince. We toured the hospital and saw the amazing things they are doing there. Grace is one of the few hospitals in Haiti that is equipped with an X-ray machine, lab for blood samples, and an adequate number of beds. Not pictured in the photo is another girl that also received a Caring Caps hat there. Each of these girls got a blanket and a hat. I also gave the hospital an additional bag filled with more hats and blankets.

So that's a closer look at our first photo! Have a great weekend. :)

Speaking at Brevard Academy for Individual Excellence

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at the Brevard Academy for Individual Excellence about Caring Caps. It is a private school that teaches Christian values, and is a very nice school. I'll put a link to more info about the school here. I was able to educate about 100 students on what Caring Caps is and what we do. 

The presentation went great and I had a great time talking to all of the kids. I made a short video that I presented. It was a compilation of some footage from Mercy in Action in the Philippines, as well as some shots of me knitting. I had the song "Oceans" by Hillsong United playing the background. A lot of you may know that song, it's a pretty popular one. During the video, some of the kids began to sing the song while it played. It was such a cool moment--all of these sweet children, watching what Caring Caps is doing, praising Jesus.

I love getting to speak at events like this one as much as I can. The more I can educate people on what we are doing in the world, the better.

Thanks again for all of your support of Caring Caps.

Yarn Donations

Recently, Caring Caps has received some very generous donations of yarn. Yarn is something that Caring Caps needs constantly. We use most forms of yarn, there are few types of yarn (like fun fur) that we cannot accept due to choking hazard for the recipients. I would like to thank Susan, Gail, and Charles for donating yarn. I try to make sure that Caring Caps has a steady flow of yarn at all times, but there are times when our stock room of yarn are a little barren. We get a lot of yarn donations in the springtime, mainly because people are beginning to clean through their closets and do a little spring cleaning. 

Anyway, below are some pictures of the yarn Caring Caps has received. These skeins will definitely be utilized in the coming months. 

Thank you all for your continued support of Caring Caps.

Catching Up

Every springtime, things just seem to get faster and crazier. Time seems to fly by and before you know it, I find myself behind on things trying to catch up. The weird thing about spring, though, is that it's such a relaxing and beautiful season. Flowers are blooming all around us, we just have to take a second to notice their presence. Spring is busy for Caring Caps because the majority of our items are delivered in third world countries through mission trips over the summer. Because of this, I have to have all of our items shipped to these groups in the spring so that they have enough time to pack them for the country in which they are traveling too.

Two weeks ago, I sent a package of 80 items to a group from the University of Central Florida. They are traveling to South Africa and will be taking our little blessings with them. This week I am finalizing items to go to a group in Haiti called Midwives for Haiti. They assist women who are expecting with healthcare, and help deliver and care for the baby in the child's first weeks. I am also finishing up a YouTube tutorial as well as the Caring Caps newsletter. 

 Source: Midwives for Haiti

Source: Midwives for Haiti

I tell you all this because I ask for you patience. Just bear with me here as I finish up these shipments, as well as get new volunteers adjusted through the orientation process. Life is flying by, I just need to take a minute to remember the true purpose of why we do what we do here at Caring Caps.

God Bless.

 Source: Midwives for Haiti

Source: Midwives for Haiti

Caring Caps in Action

Lately, Caring Caps has been busy reaching out to more developing areas, welcoming more volunteers, and expanding our programs. Caring Caps will be sending about 200 items to South Africa in a week. We are also in the process of getting some items into a few more areas. We are in the process of working with groups like Midwives for Haiti and UNFPA to try and send items in May 2015. It's so exciting to see the expansion of Caring Caps into so many more areas, benefiting more people. We have also welcomed about 15 new volunteers in the past two weeks to Caring Caps. I am in the final stages of sending these volunteers welcome packets and getting them all adjusted to begin volunteering for us. Finally, Caring Caps is in the process of expanding our programs. I am trying to work on a new pattern for newborn mittens to help increase the variety of items Caring Caps produces. 


I recently found a pretty cool video that follows what it's like to give birth in a third world country, with the help of one of our sister organizations, Mercy in Action. The video even features several Caps items--hats, booties, and blankets. Towards the end of the video, you can even see one of the volunteers emptying a box of Caring Caps items onto a bed. The video is below.

Thank you all so much for your continued support! We're changing the world, one stitch at a time. 

Florida Today Article

This weekend, Caring Caps was featured in a local newspaper here in Florida, Florida Today. I, along with Ahsi Lo, was interviewed about a week ago by a reporter from the paper regarding Caring Caps. I think the reporter did an excellent job capturing Caring Caps and what we stand for. A picture of the article is below. It is always great to get the word out about what we do. So far, thanks to this article, I have already gained about 10 volunteers in this area wanting to help out Caring Caps! So blessed to share our mission with more and more people every single day.

I am also excited to announce the creation of another Caring Caps branch. The branch is located in Clinton, IL. This branch will be run by Cassandra M. and mainly will comprise of pre-teen and teen girls and boys. The group also hopes to work with the local "Angel Gowns." Overall, we are so excited about the creation of the new branch!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers! Together, we can change the world.

Mercy in Action

Wow, things have been busy here at Caring Caps! At our largest Caring Caps branch at Bayside High School in Palm Bay, FL; the 2015-2016 Officer team was announced. We are so excited that Ahsi Lo will become President, and Monica Gold will be an amazing Vice President. Other officers include Karlyn Sequiera, Jen Ricano, and Rachel Peebles. We are so blessed to have a talent-packed officer team for the upcoming school year and wish the Palm Bay branch the best of luck.

Caring Caps also recently shipped items to one of our midwiferies in the Philippines. Mercy in Action is a midwifery and birthing home where women on the island can go to receive amazing health care and support during and after their pregnancy. Mercy in Action was so generous to send us some pictures of the hats being used. Check out these cuties below!

All in all, Caring Caps continues to do the Lord's work one day at a time. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.